About Us

As an individual with sensitive skin to most products, I decided to start making my own soap, scrubs and belly butter. Now, I can explain the belly butter.... When I was right around 7 months pregnant with my youngest son my stomach was stretched to capacity and itched soooo bad. I grabbed something from the store shelf that claimed to keep away stretch marks and moisturized. Needless to say, it only made my belly itch more and breakout. I decided to research and create my own belly butter from scratch. The best thing about the belly butter creation is that after my son who is now almost two was born, I use the remaining batch of belly butter on his delicate skin, cradle cap and hair. Now back to my most popular creation which is my artisan soaps......Does anyone else deal with only being able to use Dove (The White Bar) of soap? Well that’s me. Like many others my skin can’t take different types of commercial soap on the market. They dry out my skin or cause irritations. This happens mainly because of the unknown and unnatural products that are in a commercial bar soap. I decided that I would research, watch classes and get an understanding of creating my own soap and all of what goes into it.  Each one of my creations so far contains 5 products or less, mostly from the kitchen and they can all be pronounced. After many requests and the love of making soap, I’ve decided to go public with my creations and help others who share the same skin sensitivity issues that I have.